Bike holiday

EuroVelo – Route Mediterranean sees the cooperation of a transnational network for the realization of joint actions of promotion, communication and marketing.

The route stretches for about 5,900 km and touches many as 11 Mediterranean countries: Spain, France, Monaco, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Greece, Cyprus.

Italy is interested for a length of 965 km. The goal of the project is the strengthening of the network paths cycling areas of the auction of the Po and involves cities like Turin, Ferrara and Mantua, Venice and Trieste.

The path starts from Piedmont S.Dalmas (France) and arrives in Frassineto Po, for a total of 537.5 Km.



Through EuroVelo you want to increase the development of tourism through the inclusion of areas / destinations less known nationally and internationally.

Another goal is the promotion of cycling routes to increase the tourist flow in the territories even less popular, but rich in scenic beauty, artistic and cultural heritage and culinary traditions that make them unique.
Additionally, EuroVelo wants to meet the needs of the market that requires the presentation and marketing of thematic tourism products and packages targeted.

This ensures greater visibility is due to the presence of promotional packages on the portals of the Piedmont Region is thanks to the promotion made while participating in national and international fairs. In addition, it will be made of the flyer to promote the project and the new packages.



Cycling tourism is an activity aimed at the development of the area. Today is increasingly popular and trendy and not only in Northern Europe, but now also in Italy and especially in Piedmont.

One fact stands out among all of our region: with 200 thousand arrivals (of which 85% are foreigners) and a million admissions in 2013, the Piedmont is the third Italian region, after the Trentino Alto Adige and Emilia Romagna, for the presence of this type of tourists.

Our area is distinguished by the excellence of its scenery, food and wine, for the presence of important thermal spas and for its rich artistic and cultural heritage. In addition, to get a unique Piedmont are places full of history such as castles, churches and medieval villages by the beauty and charm indisputable.

Our farm Cascina Nuova joined the project EuroVelo structure as bike-friendly, and it fully supports the code of ethics ensuring a range of services to tourists on bikes.