The New Farm guests can:

    • Reappropriating of time … learning to laze , making lens walk along the river Po, observing the natural colors ranging from warm colors of autumn the bright green of spring and summer and why not, even under blue skies and clear that illuminate the winter between the rows of poplars, that will brighten the levees along the Po;
    • browse the agriculture following the rhythms of the seasons;
    • collect garden products ;
    • borrow a Book from our library;
    • relax on the edge of our summer saltwater swimming pool ;
    • be pampered with individual massage , specialized personnel (draining massages, relaxation, energy and many others)

for reservations or (+39) 335.62.30.457

    • Bike

      Itineraries for lovers of mountain bike or road bike, tours with guide is on the road (road bikes – travel bike) or off-road (mountain bike).
      Go out with an experienced guide connoisseur of the territory is to be sure not to miss any of the hidden beauties in the hills, but be sure to walk the most beautiful and scenic drives without losing the right way. The pleasure of riding and not worry about anything …

For information and reservations contact us by e-mail or tellus at number (+39) 335.62.30.457

    • Rafting

      Rafting nel MonferratoEasy rafting on the river Po: a day of adventure for young and old (for our guests discount 10%) for info contact tel. +39 0165 95082 – base Coniolo AL

    • Birdwatching

      Attività nel Parco del PoCascina Nuova is situated inside the Parco del Po and Orba, for information and reservations on birdwatching and how to “ live the Park ” contact by email or tell (+39) 0384.84.676

    • Educational farm

      Fattoria didattica nel Monferrato Attività nel Monferrato Fattoria didattica e attività nel Monferrato